After many years of successful work as both designer and art director for other agencies, Steve decided to start his own company.

In 1998 he opened Smart Design, now called Smart Art & Design, Inc. Since then, Steve has built his company into a thriving business with an impressive and steadily growing client base and a skilled creative team.

Prior to launching Smart Art & Design, Steve began his career providing consultation and design for advertising, graphic and entertainment agencies in both Chicago and Los Angeles. He was recognized for his unique vision and elegant designs and quickly rose to Senior Creative Director for Jameson Miron Communications Group in Los Angeles.

Having received his Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design from the University of Illinois, Steve’s history offers a wealth of accomplishments. He has developed many innovative campaigns for high-profile clients such as McDonald’s and 7-Up, and his talents have been put to work for several entertainment greats to produce movie posters and promotional materials for companies such as Disney, Universal and CBS.

During his long-standing career, Steve has won numerous awards for outstanding design. As Principal of Smart Art & Design, Steve continues to produce exceptional work for his clients.